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Building Apps with Polymer and ASP.NET CORE (Part - III)

We were done with the API creation part in the previous post. Let’s finish up the app by connecting the simple-todo component with those APIs. Basically we need to call our APIs to do that. We are going to do that with a Polymer component called iron-ajax. It makes Ajax easier to work with. So, just like what we did for every third party components lets install iron-ajax with Bower. Then add it to the header section of your HTML document. Here is the command to install iron-ajax bower…

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Building Apps with Polymer and ASP.NET CORE (Part - II)

OK! As I told you in the previous post that I will make APIs using ASP.NET CORE Web API to be able to Add, Update, Edit and Delete todo items on the server side but the good news is ASP.NET CORE documentation already has an article on that. Here is the link, Wait a minute! That doesn’t mean I’m not going to do anything in this post. If you went through that article already then you may…

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Creating Simple APIs for your AngularJs App with .NET CORE Web API

Starting from the scratch So, we are starting with the empty Core template. I’m using Visual studio 2015 and I’ve.NET Core RC2 SDK installed in my machine. Both of them are available for download in the following links, .NET Core SDK - Visual Studio 2015 - Adding Dependencies We basically need two dependencies, one for serving static files (Microsoft.AspNetCore.StaticFiles) and another one for creating the APIs (Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc)…

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